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Important Shipping Information

Important Shipping Information

We’re getting closer and closer to the busiest time of the year for shipping carriers, so I wanted to take some time to put together important shipping information and some updates.

As we all noticed last year, the COVID-19 pandemic had a huge impact on deliveries for all carriers during the holidays and beyond. Not only were there unprecedented worker shortages due to outbreaks, but there was also an overall increase in the volume of packages being shipped as folks chose to shop from home. As a result, shipping times increased up to several weeks, and the number of lost packages also increased.

We exclusively use the United States Postal Service to ship all of our packages. Typically First Class packages take 3-5 days for delivery and Priority packages take 2-3 days. However, as we head into November and beyond, it will not be unusual for First Class packages to take up to a full week; Priority packages should not see a delay, though the USPS will make a public announcement if that changes. International First Class packages usually take 1-2 weeks for delivery; moving toward the end of the year, we can expect that it may take a full 3-4 weeks for packages to arrive at some destinations.

While we always get packages out the day after an order is placed (or on Monday if an order is placed over the weekend), there is nothing we can do to speed a package along to its destination once it’s in the hands of the USPS. Keeping this in mind, we encourage our customers to purchase holiday gifts early in anticipation of slower shipping times.

We do guarantee delivery for all domestic packages; if your order is lost within the US postal system, we will re-ship your package or refund your purchase. Unfortunately, we are no longer able to offer the same delivery guarantee for any international packages at this time, though we will of course do our best to track down lost shipments.

As a company, we do not offer any guarantees that packages will be delivered by a certain date. However, the USPS does offer guaranteed delivery dates for their Priority and Express services. If you choose either of these services, we can guarantee that we’ll get your package to the USPS according to our usual order processing schedule (next day, or Monday for weekend orders). And of course for any packages that miss their deadlines, we are happy to work with the USPS to get a refund for your shipping costs.

You can find complete details of our Shipping Policy here. We look forward to helping you all have a joyous holiday season!