addi Lace Circular Needles


PLEASE NOTE: The Lace circular line has been discontinued. We will offer the sizes/lengths available until they completely run out. Once they’re gone, we’ll remove them from our website. If you don’t see the size/length you’re looking for, it is no longer available.

Addi Lace Needles set the Gold Standard for fine knitting

Addi Lace Needles represent a finely tuned innovation for lace knitters and anyone else knitting with fingering or finer weight yarns.  Unfinished brass provides just the right amount of resistance to your stitches, thus offering greater control and preventing those looser lace stitches from jumping off the needle every time you set your work down.  Lace Needles also have Rocket tips that have longer and sharper (but not too sharp!) points than addi’s Turbo tips.  This makes manipulating multiple stitches or sliding into small stitches so very much easier.