Fleece Artist 2 of 3 Kit


Knit a Winter Hat and a pair of Soft Socks; or a Hat and Soft Mittens; or Soft Socks and Soft Mittens; or whatever combination makes you smile!

Fleece Artist has created a new kit that gives you twice the knitting fun and three times the choices of the old kits. The 2 of 3 Kit allows you to knit a Winter Toque plus either a pair of Soft Socks or a pair of Soft Mittens. Or maybe you’d rather have Soft Socks and Soft Mittens because you already knit this year’s hat? Or maybe two hats, so that your best friend can have one, also. Or two pairs of socks? Mittens? As you can see, with the 2 of 3 Kit the world of soft hats, socks and mitts is your oyster!

Each Fleece Artist 2 of 3 Kit contains enough yarn to make 2 out of 3 cozy garments – a hat, socks, or mittens


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