Hand Maiden Swiss Mtn. Mulberry Tussah


Two great silks with a spunky little twist

Another amazing yarn comes to us from the silk mills of Swiss Mountain Silk. Apparently, 200 years of experience spinning silk really does make a difference – the creativity and quality that we see in their yarns is simply inspiring, and Mulberry Tussah showcases it all. Here is a simply conceived yarn that results in an enchanting play of light and softness: mulberry silk (this is the common white silk made by allowing the silk caterpillars to feed only on mulberry leaves) is plied with tussah silk (the wild-crafted golden-hued silk created by letting the silk caterpillars feed on oak leaves). Because each is a different color and also a different length (mulberry is a much longer fiber), the silks take dye much differently and also reflect light quite differently. What we receive as yarn practically undulates with color-play and light. Not to mention that it is soft and comforting – another great “un-wool,” destined to become your constant fiber companion.

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