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Toolbox Tuesday – addi Rocket Circulars – June 14, 2022

Toolbox Tuesday – addi Rocket Circulars

The addi Rocket Circulars are easily our most popular fixed circular knitting needles. They feature addi’s famous Turbo plating, which lends an ultra smooth finish to the needles, allowing for fast knitting. They are also equipped with addi’s sharp Lace point, which is ideal for complex stitches and lace work. And finally, addi’s flexible snag-free cable completes the enjoyable knitting experience.

They are available in sizes US 000/1.5mm through US 13/9mm, and in lengths from 16″/40cm through 150cm. The 16″ and 20″ lengths offer a shorter ~3.5″ needle tip while all other lengths offer a standard ~5″ needle tip. And like all addi knitting needles, the Rocket Circulars carry a lifetime warranty to be free from manufacturing defects. Should you find any flaws in your needles, let us know for a quick, free replacement.

As always, all domestic orders qualify for free shipping with no minimum purchase, as do international orders over $200US.