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Toolbox Tuesday – Long and Short Square Click Sets

Toolbox Tuesday – Long and Short Square Click Sets

The newest kids on the block – the Long and Short Square Click Sets – offer a fresh take on addi’s Click System. Rather than the traditional round needle barrel, the Square Click Sets feature barrels with a square cross-section. This shape provides a flatter gripping surface, which has several benefits.

Because of the flat sides, knitters are able to hold the needles more loosely. This relaxed grip leads to reduced pain and stress in the hands, wrists, and forearms, allowing folks to knit more enjoyably, and for longer periods of time, which is fabulous for anyone suffering with conditions such as arthritis or repetitive stress syndrome. We’ve heard from countless knitters who have returned to their craft after putting needles down due to discomfort.

Many knitters also report that their stitches and gauge are much more consistent with the Square needles, resulting in better stitch definition, particularly in textured stitch patterns, as well as better fitting finished projects. And a final perk – the needles don’t roll away from you when you set them down!

The addi Square needle line features softened corners and a subtle texture on the flat sides, offering a comfortable grip with less slip. The point is addi’s popular “Rocket” sharp point, while the finish is their slick “Turbo” plating. The Long Square Click Set features tips approximately 5.5″ long while the Short Square Click Set has tips approximately 3.5″ long.

Both sets have one pair each of whole sizes US 4 through US 11, a connector bar, a pair of addiGrips, and a heavy canvas case with a zippered pocket on the back. The Long Square Click Set has one cord each to create a 24”, 32”, and 40” circular. The Short Square Click Set has one cord each to create a 16”, 20”, 24”, 32”, and 40” circular. Please note – these sets do not come with a needle gauge; the sizes are etched into each needles tip.

The Short set is great hats, sweater sleeves, or other items with a smaller circumference. The Long set is great for knitting just about anything, and provides a bit more tip to hold.

The addi Click system is designed for ease of use, so changing tips is simple; just insert the cord into the tip of your choice, and twist. You’ll feel a ‘click’ which lets you know the connection is secure. And since the connection is standard across all addi Click products, they are all completely interchangeable!

These sets, and all addi products, are covered by addi’s Lifetime Guarantee to be free from defects. Should you find any problems with your set, just let us know and we’ll provide a replacement at no cost. Find all of the addi Click Sets here.

The Click sets, and all addi products, are always 20% off on our site – no coupon code needed! And all domestic orders ship for free with no minimum purchase, and international orders over $100US also ship for free!

Please note – the Long Square Click Sets are temporarily backordered at the factory in Germany. We hope for more at the end of the month.