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Toolbox Tuesday – Rocket Click Sets

Toolbox Tuesday – Long and Short Rocket Click Sets

The addi Rocket Click Sets feature addi’s well-loved sharp “Rocket” point along with the “Turbo” finish, which makes for a super speedy knitting experience. The only difference in the sets is the length of the tips – the Long at 5.5″ and the Short at 3.5″.

Both sets contain one pair each of whole sizes US 4 through US 11, a connector bar for creating longer cord lengths or putting a cord on hold, a needle/stitch gauge, plus a set of addiGrips that make changing your tips out even easier. The Long sets include one cord each to create a 24″, 32″, and 40″ circular, while the Short sets include one cord each to create a 16″, 20″, 24″, 32″, and 40″ circular.

Which will work best for you? The Short set is great for folks who knit a lot of hats, sweater sleeves, or other items with a smaller circumference. The Long set is great for knitting just about anything, and provides a bit more tip to hold.

The addi Click system is designed for ease of use, so changing tips is simple; just insert the cord into the tip of your choice, and twist. You’ll feel a ‘click’ which lets you know the connection is secure. And since the connection is standard across all addi Click products, they are all completely interchangeable!

These sets, and all addi products, are covered by addi’s Lifetime Guarantee to be free from defects. Should you find any problems with your set, just let us know and we’ll provide a replacement at no cost. Find all of the addi Click Sets here.

The Click sets, and all addi products, are always 20% off on our site – no coupon code needed! And all domestic orders ship for free with no minimum purchase, and international orders over $100US also ship for free!